CanterCon 2022 – A Warm Welcome and Answers from the Staff

CanterCon 2022 is official with a new date and a new venue!

CanterCon is moving! New venue, new date: June 18-19, 2022 @ DoubleTree Hotel Phoenix Tempe

CanterCon staff has postponed our October 2021 date due to safety concerns with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We have decided, out of caution and safety for all, to reschedule for a new date of June 18 and 19, 2022, to ensure attendees, guests, and staff’s health, to give the event a better chance for success. We are excited to move the date to June 2022, and you know why?

A new venue!

That’s right, CanterCon will take place at the DoubleTree Phoenix Tempe, within a hop, skip, and jump from the nearest airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International. The hotel is offering a complimentary airport shuttle. And the best part, rooms booked under the CanterCon group rate, starting at $72 a night, once the booking is available this summer!

CanterCon is a privately funded MLP convention

As the pandemic continues, we are operating in complete transparency and avoiding repeating past mistakes. We are privately funding CanterCon 2022 to ensure the venue, guests, perks, etc., are available by the time the event begins, where tickets and sponsorships will help us recuperate and offset these expenses will keep the event as affordable as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Is CanterCon going to have its events in 2022?

Barring a force majeure, an act of God, or Arizona authorities deciding a large gathering like this one is still a risk (we hope not!), we can say with 100% confidence, yes!

How can I support CanterCon?

No assistance is required as the pandemic continues. Tickets, sponsorships sales tend to be a little slow during these times. If you wish to support us, buy our official merchandise once available for purchase online or donate to our designated charity, which will announce by the end of the year. As for the cost of running the convention, our financial reserve grows and will confidently cover any expected costs, even unexpected, before the start of CanterCon in 2022.

What planned events will CanterCon have?

Expect a guest of honor who worked on My Little Pony G4 and G5, community guests, music performances, as well as a variety of panel discussions, workshops, games, interviews, and more!

How do I apply for CanterCon 2022? How do I buy a ticket?

Applications for community guests, musicians, vendors, and panels, as well as guest registration are not open yet. Keep an eye out for any new and informational updates. Join us on our official CanterCon Discord server, or follow us on our official social media channels for exciting new and updated information. We’ll keep you updated as soon as possible!

How can I become a staff member at CanterCon?

Staff application is open. Join our Discord server for more info!

About CanterCon 2022

CanterCon, made by fans, for fans, an unofficial My Little Pony (MLP) convention, to showcase the best of the fandom’s creative side. Fans can mingle with artists, community guests, and professionals from the TV show and IDW comics in a casual, friendly environment.

Designed as a fun experience for bronies, families, and fans of all ages and all generations to enjoy the fandom’s creative side. CanterCon is scheduled as a two-day pony-based fun event, filled with panels, activities, games, concerts, and more!

Our mission is to be a destination for the brony fandom to join us in the Valley of the Sun in Tempe, Arizona. Phoenix will be part of the MLP convention scene while benefiting a charity close to our hearts. We desire to earn your confidence; Phoenix is not cursed, and we hope to see you at CanterCon 2022!

Yuki Savard
Chair of CanterCon

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Chair of CanterCon.

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